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May 11, 2007 -- Twin Cities metal band Gracepoint will be going into the studio with producer Neil Kernon (Queensryche, Nevermore, Flotsam and Jetsam) this summer (2007) to record their upcoming release. They will begin tracking drums in June at Rax Trax studios in Chicago and hope to finish the album by fall 2007. Gracepoint has been anxious to record their second musical offering for several years and are excited about the opportunity to work with Mr. Kernon. After the departure of long-time guitarist Lon Kunze in 2006, Gracepoint has been working with veteran Minneapolis guitarist Joseph Jachimiec (DODD, Angry At Numbers) who has brought a new element into the mix. Drawing inspiration from the athletic rhythms and syncopation of the great bands of both the thrash metal and heavy progressive rock genres, Gracepointís music is heavy, melodic, and involved.

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